Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Roll A Story With A Dice (made up edition)

(If anyone is reding this can you please comment on my blog)
30 - 10 - 2018 W.A.L.T write a narrative

  • Character: (Shredonkey
  • Setting: (Underwater)
  • Problem: (Had Rabies)

Once upon a time there was a donkey, he got cursed by Shrek. He was now named Shredonkey. One day when he went fishing all of a sudden he got dragged in the water and saw a underwater kingdom. The thing that dragged him in was a raccoon and then the raccoon bit him on the arm. Poor little Shredonkey got rabies he swam to the surface of the sea and ran home. As soon as he got home it started to rain, infact it was a storm and lightning struck his house with disbelieve. When Shredonkey went inside it was like there was no house the roof was on fire! Shredonky got a contracter the next day and his roof was back to normal. One week later... the rabies were gone and Shredonkey was happy with his life... for now. 


By Matti Room 25 Term 4

Friday, 19 October 2018

Tui Street Tales T4 DLO

Roll a story

In Room 25 I have been learning how to write narratives and what to include in our narratives.
Here is my story I created.

Character: a handsome knight (rolled a 5)
Setting: in a dark forest (rolled a 5)
Problem: lost his memory (rolled a 6)

As the night sky covered the land, it was dark. A soft breeze gently brushed the handsome knights face. He looked around everything was unlit. Suddenly a dark phantom cursed him he turned lightless. He ran into the murky forest and crossed to the dragons keep he lost his gloomy mind he thought "why am I doing this". He slowly crossed back to the dark forest and his memory came back. He ran to the castle and changed it to darkness. The king ran to him and they had a battle. Shortly after the battle he struck him with lightness and he was back to normal he slayed the dark phantom and the land turned well lit.

The End...

My Short Film